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Hasla anheng Brush brunt i forgylt sølv 4963G4519
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Hasla anheng Brush brunt i forgylt sølv

Forgylt resirkulert sølv med håndmalt brunt emalje motiv.

Lengde anheng er justerbar fra 42 til 45 cm.

Brush gold necklace brown.

Our summer collection for 2022 is called Brush. Designer Anne Hasla has created a joyous collection. For these jewelry pieces, the inspiration comes from artists that are famous and known for their brush strokes. For instance, the impressionist Berthe Morrisot, the expressionist Wilhem de Kooning and the contemporary artist James Nares, are some of those that have inspired the designer’s work with this collection.

Anne Hasla put big effort into finding the right color for the enamel, which gives the look of a painted surface. She reproduced an abstracted stroke from a brush, by embossing the metal on the surface of the colored pendant. Enamel is the color used for this collection. And because enamel is a hard, thin glass material it is very durable. It is an old craft that has been known within the art of goldsmithing since antiquity. The collection is made in recycled silver and hand-painted enamel. The Brush gold necklace brown is beautiful to wear alone, but it also looks great layered with other chains and necklaces.

“I have become very interested in brush strokes, and the various mediums that can be used to achieve both tactile, impasto and subtle expressions.” – Anne Hasla, designer.


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